Sessions: Please see the BROCHURE for a list of all sessions and topics. Some days have multiple times available, you can choose one or both sessions on those days, as they are separate.  The link is found on the button to the right.

Registration: To register for pre-season clinics please visit our Online Registration Page by clicking BOOK NOW on the button to the right. You can create an account to purchase and book all sessions online. If you have an existing profile with us it will link automatically if you fill in the same information currently on your account. (Player Name, Home Address, Email etc.)

Online Booking Steps:

  1. Create Account or Log In at the Online Registration Page (Click the Book Now Button)
  2. Use the Brochure as reference for which topics you want to register in
  3. At the Online Registration Page, click "Book sessions" on the menu bar
  4. On top of the calendar that should show up, there is a filter option (three horizontal lines)
    1. There are mulitple options to filter by dates and package types
    2. Please filter by the appropriate Pre-Season Clinic and age group
  5. Please make sure there is space available in your preferred sessions before buying a package
  6. Buy a package of sessions - you can click on a session to purchase a package
  7. Register in the clinics

If you do not have a package of sessions for the right age group, the option to register will appear as "Buy Session". When you have purchased a package, it will be come "Book Session".

If you are unable to register online, please call us at 204-489-7465 for assistance or booking by phone.

Session Packages Available:

1-4 Sessions - $40/Session

5-9 Sessions - $35/Session

10+ Sessions - $30/Sessions