Playoff Prep Skills Clinic

Feb. 19th, 2018

The coaches at THE RINK TRAINING CENTRE understand the importance of individual skills for ALL players.  This philosophy is translated into a positive, pressure free environment where players are encouraged to try new things without the fear of making a mistake. The playoffs are an intense time of year, and our Playoff Prep Clinic will offer players the opportunity to touch up on their skating and shooting fundamentals, to help them get ready for the intensity this time of year brings.


The RINK Playoff Clinic will include:


On-Ice Components:                                                                  Off-Ice Components:    

- Shooting/Scoring Fundamentals                                          - Off Ice work out - agility and quickness

- Mechanics of Power Skating                                                 

- And more…                                                               

With our Small Group Training and Custom Designed Ice Sheet, players will get more correctional feedback, more touches of the puck, more shots, more repetition, develop faster reaction time and will see more improvement.


12 Skaters / Group


                6:1 Player/Coach


Group 1 (All–Female) –Ages – ’09-’06 - Drop off – 7:45am/On ice – 8:00am/Off Ice- 9:10am/On Ice – 10:20/Pick up 11:30am

Group 2 – ’10-‘08 - Drop off – 8:50am/On ice – 9:10am/Off Ice- 10:20am/On Ice – 11:30/Pick up 12:45pm

Group 3 –’07-‘05 - Drop off – 12:20pm/On ice – 12:40pm/Off Ice- 1:50pm/On Ice – 3:00/Pick up 4:15pm



            2x60 min on-ice sessions

            1x60 min Off Ice training session