We believe… Hockey Training and Development is year-round for Athletes who want to learn and compete with the Best in the World.

To ensure goalies get the respect they deserve and the training they need, The Rink features a 30’ x 30’ real ice development rink.

This goalie training rink gives goalies a perfect venue to develop their skills with goalie training expert Ryan Cyr and GDI, with one-vs-one and two-vs-one training.

Nothing takes the place of practice and repetition. Shooting pucks on our real ice pad or synthetic shooting zone will make a sniper out of anyone.

There’s a reason why Canadians are world hockey leaders: 

it’s the little rinks on local ponds and backyards that are part of the secret ingredient. On small rinks, skill plays a greater role than size and speed. 

On a full size rink, skills are not as important. Throw a kid, a stick, a puck and a defender out on a professional sized rink and there’s a lot of skating room. “Keep away” isn’t that difficult. 
With a size and speed advantage, it’s pretty tough to lose the puck.

But on a smaller ice surface, “keep away” is trickier because the size and speed advantage is reduced and puts the focus on skill. 

That’s the logic behind The Rink Training Centre’s smaller ice surface: about 2/3 the size of a professional surface. It forces players to develop the stick skills and control that helps make good players great. That’s why we built it.
That said, never underestimate the importance and effectiveness of sheer controlled speed. Anyone who has played at a high level will tell you that the difference between the pro and the almost pro lies in their skating ability. Our power skating program is just one more way The Rink Training Centre can help players make the most of their abilities.

Hockey training needs to take place on and off the ice.
This is the evolution of hockey training and the true inspiration of The Rink

When you’re checking someone twice your size, when the season’s winding down, but you want it to go on, the time you dedicated to strength and fitness training will truly pay off. 

Strength, Agility and Endurance are the building blocks of great players. Whether or not you know the game inside out, whether or not you have the quickest hand, if your conditioning is less than stellar you will be beaten.

At The Rink Training Centre, there is no need to hop off the ice, get changed and drive to your nearest gym because The Rink offers a 4,500 sq ft state of the art indoor gym/dryland training centre and a 11,500 sq ft outdoor dryland training zone.

Our gym features a fully outfitted weight room with top of the line cardio and strength training equipment. Lead by Elite Performance, our cardio workouts, strength training programs and conditioning drills are developed specifically for hockey players.  Their trainers are the best in the business, so you will get bigger, leaner and faster at The Rink.

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