Advanced Programs | Ages 9-11

Our Advanced Programs are built upon the execution of basic goalie techniques and to provide goalies with an understanding of adjustments they can make to enhance their individual games. These sessions are heavily focused on keeping the foundation they have built from the introduction stage while also introducing the understanding which movements to make in different situations. 

Advanced Program Breakdowns

Advanced - Summer Camp

Our Advanced Program provides goaltenders that opportunity to build their foundation. This program will have a focused approach on improving each goaltender's ability to achieve their angle, depth, and body position.

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Advanced - Goalie Program

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Advanced - Mid-Season Tune Ups

As the hockey season wears on, a goaltender’s focus naturally drifts as the intense training of the summertime gets further in the rear-view mirror.  This is the perfect time for a RINK Goalie Development Mid-Season Tune-up. This program refreshes the goaltenders mind and muscle memory.  Timed with the Christmas layoff, this provides goalies with an outstanding refresher course for the second half of the season.

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Advanced - 3v3 Scrimmages

These 3v3 sessions ran by the RINK Player Development side will give goalies an opportunity to see game like situations and give them an opportunity to try what they have been learning in their goalie specific training. 

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