High Performance Programs | Ages 11-12

Our High-Performance Programs focus on the refinement of advanced goalie techniques by continued reinforcement of previously learned topics while adding in more game like situations. The synchronized continued development of the fundamentals and functional intelligence will allow goalies to more effectively read, react and execute the proper technique in game situations. 

High Performance Program Breakdowns

High Performance - Summer Camp

Our R1 Goalie Prep camp is designed for goalies looking to maximize their training over the month of August. The R1 Goalie Prep camp is a condensed version of our R1 training program that runs throughout the entire summer. This camp will provide goalies training in a tactical setting with drills based around game situations. This tactical focus in drills provides goalies with game situated drills to read and build awareness on scoring chances to prepare for the start of the season 

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High Performance - Winter Program

Designed to support the competitive athlete. With hectic team practice and game schedules in mind, this R1 program provides goaltenders with the opportunity to train before school hours to help their time management and create a positive environment to succeed at both education and hockey development. In addition to on-ice development goalies will receive video analysis and boardroom sessions to understand their game visually. This overall support and mentorship will enhance game play and confidence for each R1 Goalie   

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High Performance - Mid-Season Tune Ups

As the hockey season wears on, a goaltender’s focus naturally drifts as the intense training of the summertime gets further in the rear-view mirror.  This is the perfect time for a RGD Midseason Tune-up. This camp refreshes the goaltenders mind and muscle memory.  Timed with the Christmas layoff, this provides goalies with an outstanding refresher course for the second half of the season. 

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High Performance - 3v3 Scrimmages

These 3v3 sessions ran by the RINK Player Development side will give goalies an opportunity to see game like situations and give them an opportunity to try what they have been learning in their goalie specific training. 

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