Pro Programs

Our Pro Program includes on and off ice training and monitoring, individual tactical periodization based on video analysis of previous season’s games, massage and athletic therapy, breathing techniques to maximize performance and recovery. This program offers goalies an unparalleled professional experience that is strategically designed to advance goalies careers. 

Pro Program Breakdowns

R1 | Summer | Segment 2

11 x 1 on 1 session

  • Available Monday- Sunday
  • Available to goaltenders for June- August 31

1 Tactical Group Session (Weekly)

  • Designed to have each goaltender in realistic game activity, our team of professionals have createdsessions with high variability in drills and have combined this with key scoring opportunities that happen in games.

1 PEPP Group Session (Weekly)

  • This training includes Power Skating, Edge Control, Puck Handling, and Position Specific
  • Movement Training encompassed into one session.

4 Performance Workshops (Bi-Weekly)

  • Set up by Testify Performance Sport Science and Performance team to provide athletes with
  • information and practices to use for their upcoming season.
  • Average of 4 Testify Performance Off- Ice Training Sessions (Weekly)
  • Periodization program is composed of strength and conditioning, speed and movement sessions,
  • yoga, nutrition/ hydration education, and several recovery modalities.
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