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Programs are the core of what the RINK does and makes up for the majority of what we do on a day to day basis. The structure of programs are run during a specific time period (i.e Spring, Summer, Winter) and on a specific day of the week at a schedule and consistent time for the duration of the program.

The RINK's R1 Program are invite-only programs that feature small player to coach ratios and have elements of both on and off ice development with their respective Player Development and Testify Performance teams.

The RINK offers a variety of camps in various formats during the year. Most camps are ran during the summer months and offer half-day and full-day options both at the RINK Training Centre as well as satellite locations around Winnipeg and Manitoba like Gateway, Seven Oaks, Brandon, Regina, and more. These camps also feature off-ice training with our RINK Testify Performance team. Evening Camps are on-ice only camps that run 5 days a week during the same time slot. Camps have different focuses depending on what age group and time of year they are offered and include but are not limited to; Power Skating, Puck Control, Shooting & Scoring, Battle & Compete, and Intro to Body Contact.

The RINK's 1 on 1 sessions are private, individual training session with a RINK skills coach on the ice to work on exactly what you want to work on. Your Session, Your Way. Book in a multiple session package and save.

The RINK Training Centre clinics are the most flexible and efficent type of training we offer. They give players a chance to customize their training schedule by choosing dates, times, and different training topics that work best for you and your schedule. Clinics allow players to have fun and be able to work on an individual aspect of their game without the longer time committment of a program. There is a wide range of topics offered at a variety of age levels to ensure you always have a new skill to work on each session. Fit skill development into a time that works for you. We offer packages that allow you to bundle and save with multiple sessions.

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