The Rink’s commitment to the health and safety of our valued patrons and staff continues to be of high priority. We continue to be vigilant with our screening and sanitation protocol. All high touch, high traffic areas and surfaces are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. The facility is deep cleaned daily. Dressing rooms and equipment are cleaned prior to and following each use. All staff are screened prior to entry and encouraged to remain home if feeling ill. 

Please take a moment to review the following protocol prior to visiting Rink Training Centre, Testify Performance, and the Rink Shop:

•    Participants must stay home when ill and are not allowed entry if they are ill with COVID-19 symptoms. 
•    Participants must use the self-screening tool prior to arrival:
•    Verification of Self-Screening will occur each day at arrival for participants and spectators. 
•    Two spectators will be permitted into the facility per participant, only one in the dressing room.
•    Seats in bleachers will be marked with appropriate distance. Spectators are not permitted for WRHL. 
•    Participants are encouraged to arrive “ready to train”. For example, arrive in full gear, applicable to activity.
•    Customers are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to session and to leave within 15 minutes following session. 
•    Signage will be in place noting entrance/drop off and exit/pick up zones outside. 
•    All persons entering the facility must sanitize their hands immediately upon entry. Frequent handwashing and use of sanitizer are strongly encouraged will visiting the training centre. 
•    Traffic flow will be clearly laid out and distancing markers in place for controlled entry and exit. Sign in staff will advise you on traffic flow, relative to the purpose of your visit. 
•    Congregation will be actively discouraged.

•    Participants are to remain in their dressing room until your coach is ready to escort you to the ice. 
•    Participants will be expected to follow distancing markers and seat assignments in dressing rooms.
•    Participants are expected to maintain distancing on-ice as much as possible.
•    Coaches are no longer required to wear masks
•    Water bottles and towels on bench are not be shared.
•    Spitting or blowing nose without a tissue is prohibited.
•    In a game situation, the number of participants on the ice at one time is 14.
•    Bench capacity is restricted to 10. Participants should distance themselves as much as possible
•    Penalty box is restricted to 2. 
•    Team celebrations and post-game handshakes are actively discouraged. 

Testify Performance: 
•    Occupancy for the gym will still be restricted to 50%. 
•    Clinic clients for Chiro, MT, AT, PT are no longer limited to 50% capacity
•    Participants are expected to maintain social distancing requirements.
•    Attendance by appointment only. Drop ins are not permitted. 
•    Hygiene stations and cleaning supplies will be available for participants to use while in Testify.
•    Staff will be required to wear a mask during appointments. Participants are encouraged to do so as well.
•    Common use items will not be available in the locker room. Shower use is permitted.  
•    Towel service is suspended until further notice. 
•    Equipment will be moved in order to accommodate social distancing requirements. 

The Rink Shop:
•    The Rink Shop is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. 
•    Phase 3 indicates no maximum population in the shop but social distancing is still expected. 
•    Patrons are requested to self-screen upon entry and immediately sanitize their hands. 
•    Patrons are requested to follow social distancing markers while shopping. 
•    As much as possible, cashless transactions are encouraged. 

•    All staff are to use the “Staff Entrance” (119) at the South side of the building
•    Staff must use the self-screening tool prior to reporting to work and record on screening sheet.
•    Staff must temp check and log in upon arrival.
•    Clinic staff must wear recommended PPE. 
•    Staff that have been exposed to or are ill with COVID-19 symptoms are expected to stay home and proceed with recommendations from health authorities.
•    Staff must self-isolate if they have been to any province EXCEPT for: Western Canada, NW Ontario, Yukon, NW & Nunavut territories. 
•    Social distancing within the workplace is still required, except for brief exchanges. Staff are prohibited from clustering in groups. Distancing must be followed at all times.
•    In temporary instances where distancing cannot be maintained staff must do their best to limit contact and keep the interaction BRIEF (ie: passing in stairwells) 
•    Staff are to adhere to room capacity maximums
•    ALL staff are to maintain heightened cleaning protocol. Each staff member is responsible for cleaning their own workspace upon arriving at work and at the end of a shift. 

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