Advanced Programs | Ages 9-11

Our Advanced programs build upon the execution of basic hockey techniques, and provide players with an understanding of adjustments they can make to enhance their individual games. These sessions are heavily focused on skill development within game like situations.

Advanced Program Breakdowns

Advanced - Shooting

The Advanced Shooting Program is designed to provide skaters with fundamental knowledge of proper shooting mechanics. This program builds on the basics, working puck preparation in motion. Skaters will be introduced to the snapshot technique focusing on the ‘Push/Pull” synchronization. Our professional on-ice player development coaches will introduce the receive and shoot quick release skill to challenge our skaters. This program introduces new skills with intentions to build on and master the fundaments of shooting.  

Mastery Keys

Puck preparation in motion
Push/Pull Synchronization (Shooting technique w/ weight transfer - Bottom hand (power) / top hand (grip)
Snapshot technique
In Tight Scoring Techniques and backhands
Recieve and shoot technique.            

Winter 20-21

Advanced - Skating & Skills

The Advanced Skating and Skills Program is designed to develop great habits through the proper techniques. On-ice, skaters will focus on stride location for individual skating skills. Skaters will master transitions from forwards to backwards effective and efficiently. While mastering puck control, skaters will learn to stickhandle around their bodies and evolve into shooting techniques concentrating on creating flex from their stick using a push and pull motion. This program focuses on a well-rounded approach to the skater’s skill development.  

Mastery Keys

Shooting technique with weight trasnfer (push-pull)
Stride location focus for skating techniques
Stickhandling around the body
Transitions backwards to forwards (introduction to toes first, heels first)

Winter 20-21

Advanced - Puck Control

The Advanced Puck Control Program is designed to build upon skaters’ abilities to control the puck in a variety of game-like circumstances. This program creates confidence in skaters’ abilities to carry a puck at full speed on both sides of the body. Skaters will be challenged to get comfortable controlling the puck in all three body positions: forehand, backhand, and mid-body. Our coaching staff will introduce weight awareness while stickhandling to maximize total puck control. The Puck Control program takes a focused approach building on fundamental progressions and repetition to ensure players develop good habits. 

Mastery Keys

Carry a puck at full speed on both sides of your body
Comfortable in positions 1-2-3 (FH/MID/BH)
Weight awareness with stickhandling

Advanced - Power Skating

The Advanced Power Skating Program is designed to challenge each skater to the best of their abilities. This program concentrates on a full understanding of their edges. This incorporates quick-start techniques and backwards skating fundamentals. The Power Skating Program allows for instantaneous instruction and direction from our professional on-ice player development coaches

Mastery Keys

Backwards Skating
Quick start technique

Winter 20-21

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