Elite Programs | Ages 13-14

Our Elite Programs are customized to advance and align skills necessary for effective execution of position specific demands in a game situation. Programming focuses on individualized techniques and needs in and out of players competitive seasons. 

Elite Program Breakdowns

Elite - Small Area Power Skating

The Small Area Power Skating Program is designed to challenge each skater capabilities. This program concentrates on both forward and backwards skating. This incorporates the precise skills involved with forward body position and stride. Skaters will increasingly work on their backward stride and crossovers to build and maintain speed. With constant feedback and continuous repetitions, this power skating program allows for skaters to be challenged every ice session.

Mastery Keys

First Step Quickness 
Efficient use of a variety of tight turns and tactical application 
Application and use of puck protection skating techniques  
Applying all techniques with a puck 

Winter 20-21

Elite - Shooting

The Elite Shooting Program is designed to challenge skaters with vital expertise in proper shooting mechanics. This program develops the fundamentals covering wrist and snapshot techniques. Focused on changing the angle as well as shooting from a crossover stride, these skills are excellent to bring to the next practice and game. Skaters take an outside approach using their shooting skills for tips and redirects. This Elite Shooting Program allows for skaters to grow their shooting skills to the next level. 

Mastery Keys

In-Stride receive and shoot (2 touch)
Change the Angle 
Redirects and tips
Shooting from a Cross Over  
Wrist-snapshot Techniques

Elite - Puck Control

The Elite Puck Control Program is designed to expand skaters’ abilities to control the puck in a variety of game-like circumstances. This program creates confidence in skaters’ abilities to control their stick etiquette: Full control of their top and bottom hands, puck control at top speed, and creativity with both their skating and stickhandling technique. The Puck Control program takes a focused approach on fundamental progressions and repetition to ensure players develop good habits. 

Mastery Keys

Stick etiquette - top and bottom hand 
Ability to guide the puck at full speed 
Skating technique for stickhandling (heel/toe) 

Elite - Skating & Skills

The Elite Skating and Skills Program is designed to challenge skaters to master proper technique with instructive and interactive coaching. Skaters will focus on balance and body position for a variety of techniques. These techniques include puck control along with giving and receiving passes stationary and in motion. This program tests the skater’s ability in a constructive and positive manner by our professional on-ice player development coaches.  

Mastery Keys

First step quickness (Blade engagement and knee drive) 
Shooting technique w/ weight transfer  
Recovery focus for skating techniques 
Stickhandling around the body in motion (Puck protection)
Transition w/ Puck control

Elite - Position Specific Defense

The Position Specific Defense program combines a technical & tactical breakdown of the Defense position. With specialized skill development sessions in such topics as: defense shooting (different types & techniques), the offensive blue line, skating efficiency, defending the rush, 1 on 1's and many more.

Mastery Keys

Backwards cross over start 
Efficient transitions with a puck  
Forehand and backhand passing and reception techniques  
Quick release wrist shot from the point  
Underhandling pucks

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