High Performance Programs | Ages 11-12

Our High Performance Programs focus on the refinement of  advanced hockey techniques by reinforcing effective functional movement patterns for each skill.  The synchronized development of skill acquisition and functional intelligence will allow players to more effectively read, react and execute in game like situations.

High Performance Program Breakdowns

High Performance - Power Skating

The High-Performance Power Skating Program is designed to challenge each skater to the best of their abilities. This program concentrates on 1st step quickness focusing on efficient movement to maximize acceleration and speed. Skaters will master the fundamentals of transitions in both forwards and backward directions. With constant feedback and continuous repetitions, this power skating program allows for skaters to be challenged every ice session. 

Mastery Keys

1st Step quickness
Efficient movements with skating

Winter 20-21

High Performance - Skating & Skills

The Skating and Skills Program is designed to build on proper technique with instructive and interactive coaching. Skaters will learn about first-step quickness and recovery stride focus for skating techniques. Shooting fundamentals will be covered as well as puck skills. Stickhandling around the body in motion concentrating on puck protection. Incorporating skating and puck control, players will be challenged to transition forward to backward and backward to forward with and without the puck. This program tests the skater’s ability constructively and positively by our professional on-ice player development coaches.  

Mastery Keys

First step quickness (Blade engagement and knee drive) 
Shooting technique w/ weight transfer - Bottom Hand (power) / Top Hand (grip)
Recovery focus for skating techniques 
Stickhandling around the body in motion (Puck protection application)
Transition w/ Puck control

Winter 20-21

High Performance - Puck Control

The High-Performance Puck Control Program is designed to develop skaters’ abilities to control the puck in a variety of game-like circumstances. This Puck Control Program allocates time to skills such as stickhandling in traffic and handling the puck under pressure. Focusing on puck protection techniques as well as creating a sense of comfort handling the puck with width. This program challenges skaters to continue to build the fundamentals while incorporating new and useful techniques. 

Mastery Keys

Comfort created handling the puck with width
Stick-handling in traffic techniques
Handling the puck under pressure (Puck Protection Technique)

High Performance - Shooting

The High-Performance Shooting Program is designed to provide skaters with fundamental knowledge of proper shooting mechanics. This program introduces the most powerful shot in each skater’s arsenal: the slapshot and the one-timer. This is a challenging skill that each skater loves to add to their toolbox. From big to small this program introduces the backhand technique as well as quick release in stride focusing on proper timing. These demanding skills require lots of repetitions and throughout this program, these skaters get just that with our professional on-ice staff. 

Mastery Keys

Slapshot and one-timer techniques
Quick release (Timing release in stride)
Technique for shooting off inside foot and outside foot in stride
Backhand technique  

Winter 20-21

High-Performance - Position Specific | Defense

The Position Specific Defense program combines a technical & tactical breakdown of the Defense position. With specialized skill development sessions in such topics as: defense shooting (different types & techniques), the offensive blue line, skating efficiency, defending the rush, 1 on 1's and many more.

Mastery Keys

Backwards cross over start
Efficient transitions with a puck
Forehand and backhand passing and reception techniques
Quick release wrist shot from the point
Underhandling pucks

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