Introductory Programs | Ages 3-6

Our Introductory Programs welcomes players to the game of hockey. Players will gain an understanding of their edges on their skates, their flats, how to stop, how to control the puck, how to pass the puck.

Introductory Program Breakdowns

Introductory - Learn to Skate

Our program follows a curriculum, with each session having a specific theme so players can be introduced to all the aspects of skating. All skaters must wear proper hockey helmets with full face shields. Most skaters that participate in the learn to skate program are between ages 3 and 5.  Older skaters are able to participate but the average age of the group will be younger.

Mastery Keys

Balance (both skates)
Forwards Shuffle
Backwards Shuffle

Winter 2021

Introductory - Intro to Hockey

Our Intro to Hockey Program (ITH) is designed to introduce the game of hockey in an enjoyable and safe environment. Players participate in full equipment and receive instructed skill training from one of our professional staff. Our focus is creating a foundation for good hockey basics; skating, puck handling, shooting and passing. Learning the basics correctly from an early age provides the solid foundation that all hockey fundamentals are based upon. 

Mastery Keys

Single Leg Balance
Puck push while skating
Passing stationary

Winter Spring Summer Pre-Season

Introduction - Hockey Development

The Hockey Development Program will help skaters continue to build on fundamental skills required to participate in hockey. This program offers continuous hockey education on hockey fundamentals through skating and skill development as well as competitive drills and games. Throughout the program, skaters will be challenged to expand their abilities in essential topics such as: edge control, stopping, puck control, passing in motion and backwards skating. The Hockey development program will teach both the tangible and intangible skills to fully prepare players for a team atmosphere and future RINK Programs.

Mastery Keys

Moving Backwards
Understanding Edges
Puck Control - FH/BH and Between Toes
Passing In Motion

Winter 2021

Introductory - Skating and Skills

The Skating and Skills Program is designed to develop great habits through the proper techniques. On-ice, skaters will focus on balance and body position for a variety of techniques. While mastering puck control, skaters will learn to give and receive passes both stationary and in-motion. This program focuses on a well-rounded approach to the skater’s skill development.

Mastery Keys

Balance and body position for a variety of techniques
Puck control in basic positions
Ability to give and recieve passes, stationary and in motion

Winter 2021

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