Pro Programs

Our Pro Program includes on and off ice training and monitoring, individual tactical periodization based on video analysis of previous season’s games, massage and athletic therapy, breathing techniques to maximize performance and recovery. This program offers players an unparalleled professional experience that is strategically designed to advance players careers.

Pro Program Breakdowns

R1 -  Summer Program | Summer

  • 3 on-ice sessions/week
  • 4 Performance Workshops (Bi-Weekly)
  • On Ice/Off Ice monitoring included between Player Development Team and Testify Performance
  • Nutrition Support Program
  • Daily Pre ice warm up
  • Jersey/Apparel Package
  • Maximum 8 skaters/group (4:1 player/coach ratio)
  • Only 16 Spots available/Group
  • RINK Testify Performance workouts available with average of 4 workouts/week

Mastery Keys

Backwards cross over start 
Efficient transitions with a puck  
Forehand and backhand passing and reception techniques  
Quick release wrist shot from the point  
Underhandling pucks

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