Winter 2021 - Advanced - Shooting

The Advanced Shooting Program is designed to provide skaters with fundamental knowledge of proper shooting mechanics. This program builds on the basics, working puck preparation in motion. Skaters will be introduced to the snapshot technique focusing on the ‘Push/Pull” synchronization. Our professional on-ice player development coaches will introduce the receive and shoot quick release skill to challenge our skaters. This program introduces new skills with intentions to build on and master the fundaments of shooting.  

Mastery Keys

  •  Puck preparation in motion
  •  Push/Pull Synchronization (Shooting technique w/ weight transfer - Bottom hand (power) / top hand (grip)
  •  Snapshot technique
  •  In Tight Scoring Techniques and backhands
  •  Recieve and shoot technique.         

Program Times

  • Saturday | 6:35 p.m.