Winter 2021 - High Performance - Female Skating & Skills

The Skating and Skills Program is designed to build on proper technique with instructive and interactive coaching. Skaters will learn about first-step quickness and recovery stride focus for skating techniques. Shooting fundamentals will be covered as well as puck skills. Stickhandling around the body in motion concentrating on puck protection. Incorporating skating and puck control, players will be challenged to transition forward to backward and backward to forward with and without the puck. This program tests the skater’s ability constructively and positively by our professional on-ice player development coaches.

Mastery Keys

  •  First step quickness (Blade engagement and knee drive) 
  •  Shooting technique w/ weight transfer - Bottom Hand (power) / Top Hand (grip)
  •  Recovery focus for skating techniques 
  •  Stickhandling around the body in motion (Puck protection application)
  •  Transition w/ Puck control

Program Times

  • Wednesday
    • On-Ice | 8:45 p.m. 
    • Off-Ice | 7:45 p.m. | Gym