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Our Philosophy

Here at the RINK Training Centre, we believe that each athlete has a unique approach to their respective roles on the ice. While any position encompasses a vast array of technical, physiological and psychological inputs, each athlete assembles a distinct bundle of performance assets. When working with any client, our emphasis is to work within the confines of each customer’s approach…regardless of “style”. While there are fundamentals that must be instilled in any approach, and at all levels of play, the RINK Training Centre believes in working within the context of the specific athlete’s game.

Our Approach

As an athlete progresses through his/her career, countless unique experiences are implanted upon this player’s mind. Through these experiences, hockey players begin to build an approach. This approach combines these experiences with core fundamentals and the individual’s distinct strengths and limitations.

During a RINK Training Centre experience, athletes will seek to hone, refine and repackage this distinct approach. A combination of technical enhancements and physiological guidance (where necessary) will, in turn, drive one’s psychological game forward. Technical, physiological, psychological training – a hallmark of our training facility.

Off-Ice Development with Testify Performance

We take a multi-faceted approach to in-season off-ice development. The process begins with player profiling consisting of both off-ice and on-ice testing, a group focused needs analysis, and collaborative goal setting between our professionals, the RINK Player and Goalie Development teams, and your associations coaches. During in-season team sessions we forget the word “maintain” and focus on “improving” the qualities that help your players perform the best on and off the ice.

Our professionals will help educate the group along the way on proper warm-up/activation and cooldown/recovery techniques to ensure that they are prepared for the high demands of the season. Whether it be in the gym, on the track, or in the yoga studio, our periodized in-season program will make sure that the group is not only improving but peaking at the right time. Team education seminars on topics such as nutrition and hydration, sleep and recovery, as well as in game respiratory techniques are also available for groups looking to take their performance to the next level.

R1 Program

R1 - Spring Program

Invitation Only For Goalies 16+ | 6 Spots Per Group | Two Ages Group

Our Prospect R1 Goaltending Spring Program is the initial stage for goaltenders before they begin their training in July and August. Goalies have a focused approach on re- establishing their vision for reading and tracking plays. 

  • Vision Training
  • Ice Awareness
  • Depth and Small Angle Adjustments
  • Head Trajectory and Stance Devleopment
  • Sensory Training included before ice sessions
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R1 - Summer Program

11 x 1 on 1 session

  • Available Monday- Sunday
  • Available to goaltenders for June- August 31

1 Tactical Group Session (Weekly)

  • Designed to have each goaltender in realistic game activity, our team of professionals have createdsessions with high variability in drills and have combined this with key scoring opportunities that happen in games.

1 PEPP Group Session (Weekly)

  • This training includes Power Skating, Edge Control, Puck Handling, and Position Specific
  • Movement Training encompassed into one session.

4 Performance Workshops (Bi-Weekly)

  • Set up by Testify Performance Sport Science and Performance team to provide athletes with
  • information and practices to use for their upcoming season.
  • Average of 4 Testify Performance Off- Ice Training Sessions (Weekly)
  • Periodization program is composed of strength and conditioning, speed and movement sessions,
  • yoga, nutrition/ hydration education, and several recovery modalities.
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R1 Prep Camps | Ages 12-13

Elite - Position Specific Defense

The Position Specific Defense program combines a technical & tactical breakdown of the Defense position. With specialized skill development sessions in such topics as: defense shooting (different types & techniques), the offensive blue line, skating efficiency, defending the rush, 1 on 1's and many more.

Mastery Keys

Backwards cross over start 
Efficient transitions with a puck  
Forehand and backhand passing and reception techniques  
Quick release wrist shot from the point  
Underhandling pucks

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Elite - Skating & Skills

The Elite Skating and Skills Program is designed to challenge skaters to master proper technique with instructive and interactive coaching. Skaters will focus on balance and body position for a variety of techniques. These techniques include puck control along with giving and receiving passes stationary and in motion. This program tests the skater’s ability in a constructive and positive manner by our professional on-ice player development coaches.  

Mastery Keys

First step quickness (Blade engagement and knee drive) 
Shooting technique w/ weight transfer  
Recovery focus for skating techniques 
Stickhandling around the body in motion (Puck protection)
Transition w/ Puck control

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