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Playbook Edge Videos


Puck Skills


1. Gate Start Extension1. 8 Puck Stickhandling Straddle1. Datsyuk Angle Change
2. Forwards Puck Mirror2. 8 Puck Stickhandling Forehand2. One Hand Quick Release
3. 2 Puck 360 Inside Edge 3. 8 Puck Stickhandling Backhand3. One Hand Quick Release in Motion
4. 2 Puck Power push Xover4. Attack Triangle Width4. Parise Forehand Push and Shoot
5. 2 Puck Outside Edge5. Attack Triangle U5. Parise Pull and Shoot Front Foot
6. 4 Puck 10 and 26. Attack Triangle Combination6. Parise Pull and Shoot Back Foot
7. Down Ice 10 and 27. Down Ice 10 and 2 with Puck7. Backhand Pull and Shoot
8. Backwards Board Push8. Heel Pivot Stickhandling8. Forehand Pull and Shoot
9. Board Hold Hip Mobility9. Knee Touch Quick Hands9. Net Pull and Shoot in Motion
10. Board Hold Stride Location10. Knee Touch Width10. Quick Release Triangle Stickhandling
11. Hybrid Turn Down Line11. Hybrid Turn Down Line with Puck11. Under The Stick Shooting
12. Hybrid Outside Edge Down Line 12. Hybrid Outside Edge Down Line with Puck12. Jump Shot
13. Inside Edges Down Ice13. Inside Edges Down Ice with Puck13. Top Hand Pull 
14. Oilers Y-Transition14. Octagon (Over-Under)
15. S Edge Control15. Octagon (Under-Over)
16. Outside/Inside Edge Combo16. Two Stick Dangles
17. Outside Edge Hold17. Outside Edge Backhand Cradle
18. Compass Edges18. Box Plus One Stickhandling
19. Stationary Backwards Stride19. Kane Minefield
20. Scissor Skate20. Scissor Skate with Puck
21. W Transition21. Selanne Turn
22. W Transition Quick Feet22. Stationary Stickhandling Width
23. Backwards Puck Mirror23. Tavares Six Puck Stickhandling
24. Vees Transition24. Two Puck Stickhandling
25. Half Circle Power Push25. Half Circle Power Push with Puck
26. Hybrid Outside Edge Down Line26. Hybrid Outside Edge Down Line with Puck
27. 2 Puck 360 Power Push
28. Half Circle 10 and 2